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Tomorrow We Live!

Suicide is the second leading source of mortality for people aged 15-29, topped only by traffic accidents. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, each year, more than 42,000 Americans lose the will to live and commit suicide and even more visit the hospital for injuries due to self-harm.

#TomorrowWeLive is a campaign aimed at inspiring friends and family who suffer from mental illness, suicidal thoughts, and addiction, asking friends and family, “What would you say to a friend if you knew they were on the verge of drowning?”

Lend your voice by writing a note on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, using the hashtag #TomorrowWeLive and inspire a loved one today.


Notes for Tomorrow

“To those feeling lost, I hope you find your beacon of hope during your travels through the darkness. You are loved. You are worth it. You will make it.”

Zach M.

"We love you. You may not think you're worth it, not valued, but that's not true. You are loved. You are somebody."

Emily H.

"The struggle is only part of the journey! Stay strong & keep your faith. God is not finished with you!"

Ashley O.

"Even when you feel like you're drowning, just keep swimming."

Brittany A.

"I will always be here to lift you up, during those times of sadness and hopelessness, please remember you are are not alone"


"Reach out. Don't keep going alone, people WANT to help. There's no shame in what you're experiencing. Don't give up hope. "

Katie D.

"Mañana será un día muy largo que comienza desde ahorita"


"Life always offers you a second chance,It's called Tomorrow."


"The darkness and confusion is overwhelming at times. Often times, life does not seem worth living. It simply doesn't make sense. And while our heart struggles to believe it, the truth is we are staring at the underside of a small section of a woven tapestry. All we see is a single color, a tangled web of strands with seemingly no order. But one day, we will see the whole of the other side of the tapestry in all it's beauty, symmetry, and glory. We will see what God was weaving in our lives. In the meantime, know the truths of Psalm 139 - that God intimately knows us and walks with us through our days. He's known us from the beginning and shaped each of our days for our good. He wastes no trial. He is not sadistic. No, he is a loving Father is pained by our pain, but uses it for our good. Believe that, even when everything seems to say it isn't so."


"You are not strange, or weird, and it is not a defect that things would feel overwhelming for you. Don't believe the lies. "Everyone else has it together." That is a lie. You are lacking and don't measure up. That is a lie. The truth is, if we're honest with ourselves, we've all had days when we felt like giving up. Your journey is shaping you, molding you. Moments of suffering, too. Remember your suffering doesn't define you. Neither does your affliction. You are worth loving, so, never forget that you are. You are loved unconditionally. "


"It does no good to ignore pain or to act like we shouldn't feel it. Instead, we should mourn and weep because of the anguish we feel for things we know can't be right. We weep like David, crying through all the night if we have to! But come tomorrow, we live. Because things truly do get better! So many things we accomplished today seemed impossible yesterday. And mountains we conquer today will be like anthills when viewed from tomorrow. Tomorrow, we live richer, humbler, more compassionate lives, not despite the pain we feel but because of it. The sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. "


"Because tomorrow will be better than today. God has a plan for me even when I struggle. There is freedom in Christ."


“When it come to suicidal thoughts and addictions, I know how you feel. Don’t beat yourself up! There’s a purpose for your life. Let God take control. He doesn’t make mistakes. He created you for a reason. He has a great plan for you that could never imagine."

Joshua L.

“Each time I look at my tattoo, it reminds me that just like it, hope is permanent”


"Stay strong beloved.
Because He lives, there is hope.
He is hope and He will never die."


" A wound cannot heal if you keep touching it. The past has so much hurt and pain but the way you treat it can heal the pain. You have to look ahead to the future where there is hope, because the only thing the past holds is memories, and memories cannot be changed. No man has power over his past but every man has power his future. You determine if those wounds heal. There is hope. Yesterday is dead. Tomorrow we live."


"Don’t lose hope. Keep fighting. Trust God."


"I have hit low points in my life but God has always been there to lift me up. Now I can't say that I know exactly what you are going through but God does and he is always there to help no matter how big or small your problem is. There is always hope."


" If we were really honest about our struggles, we’d be encouraged instead of isolated. True freedom comes from shedding light on the darkness in our lives. Let’s struggle together."


" Hope is what keeps your head up. Hope is what makes the impossible possible. Hope is what makes your dreams come true."


"Rise above your past mistakes and overcome the heartache. Clear your conscious today and seek peace. Spend time creating yourself and find purpose. Pursue wisdom and know that they cannot do it for you. I did it, therefore I believe in you just as I believe in myself."


"If it’s today LIVE, if it’s tomorrow LIVE, hope comes in the form of today so tomorrow you can live."

Colby J.

"One of the hardest things to do is believe things will get better after you have tried so hard and had no luck. You don’t have to keep trying to do it yourself. There is Hope in Christ Jesus. You just need to trust Him wholeheartedly and cast your fears into Him. He cares for you!"


"You are not what you will be, yet you are not what you once were. You are a work in progress. Press on."

Gabe M.

"You still Love me even When I am wrong."


"No matter how dark things may look in this moment, JOY COMESIN THE MORNING! Never, ever give up. You are not alone."


"At our worst moments, our greatest things are ahead of us. At our best moments, our greatest
things are ahead of us."

Seth W.

"Since I didn’t fit into their puzzle. I made my own"

Daniel N.

"Live life, smile, laugh and ENJOY GOD."

Edison R.

"When you're stranded in the ocean, you have nowhere to look but up."