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My City Anomaly Photo Competition

My City Anomaly Photo Competition


Lecrae and Andy Mineo are setting out on the Anomaly Tour again next month and we’re calling out a few cities:

Charlotte, North Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina

Columbus, Ohio

Norfolk, Virgina

Portland, Maine

Show us why your city is an Anomaly – capture the uniqueness of your city in an original photo and use #MyCityAnomaly + #YourCity to enter to win a chance to take Lecrae and Andy Mineo out to dinner in your city (contestant dinner will be covered by Reach Records).

One second-place winner will win Anomaly Tour tickets and VIP Meet & Greet passes for the Anomaly Tour.

One third-place winner will receive a $50 merch gift-card for the Reach Records online storefront.

Winners Announced! 

1st Place – @thejwiggings, Greenville, SC 

2nd place – @dj4_12, Atlanta, Georgia 

3rd Place – @thedreamerwill, Houston, TX


Anomaly Tour Dates and info here:


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All Comments 9

This isn't only for the cities listed above right?

– Mar 19 2015

Is this only for the cities listed?!

Jonathan Espinoza
– Mar 19 2015

Only participants in the cities above are eligible to be grand-prize winners. Participants from cities along the Anomaly Tour are eligible for second and third-prize place prizes. Participants outside the Anomaly Tour stop schedule are eligible to win the third place prize.

Reach Records
– Mar 19 2015

How many photos may you submit???

– Mar 19 2015

What if we travelled to a city, but dont live there? Could we still use the hashtag to be eligible for the third place prize?

– Mar 19 2015

Where do we post our picture?

– Mar 19 2015

You may submit as many photos as you wish, so long as use use #MyCityAnomaly and #YourCityName (if I were submitting a photo of Greenville, I'd submit by using #MyCityAnomaly #Greenville).

It's important to use the right hashtags, because we'll be able to find your photos that way. And, yes, you may submit photos of a place you don't live, but, have been to be eligible for the third place prize.

– Mar 20 2015

Photos can be uploaded via Facebook, Twitter, and or Instagram.

– Mar 20 2015

Were the winners announced yet?

– Apr 5 2015

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