116 Life X Hector Orama

Posted on October 16, 2014 / by Katie
    Meet Hector Orama of Forgiven Boutique.    INTERVIEW   Tell us a little bit about the path to where you are today. It started when I was in High school. I was selling bootleg CDs out of my locker. One of my first real jobs was working at a clothing/shoe store and I made my money off of commissions. I was able to connect with customers and sell them what they wanted. In this clothing store, I was highly influenced by music, fashion, and drugs. I began to sell drugs and would pray for God to protect me. One day, I had a dream where I was robbed and it actually happened in real life by the same person in the dream. This is how I knew Jesus Christ was real. I still loved the money I was making, but realized I was just trying to fill a hole in my heart. Years went by and I was going nowhere. Until one day, after repeated lip service to God, I quit smoking and selling cold turkey. I decided on my birthday to give my life to Christ for real and I haven't looked back since. This year will be five years I've been saved. What does a typical day of work look like for you? A typical day of work was getting up every morning to work for an elementary school, serving as a Porter where I fix and serve for students. After that I am a "chauffeur" picking up and dropping off my cousins to go to music or soccer practice, the dentist, and then eventually home. Between the breaks, downtime, and hitting the pillow, I'm making calls, answering texts, maintaining the Forgiven Brand by delivering, selling and building customer relationships. God has recently changed the situation for me. Through a leap of faith he is now rewarding me with a new endeavor. I am now able to work for my brand full time. Use promo code: 116Life for free shipping. Did you have a specific moment when you realized that you wanted to create Forgiven Boutique? I had a dream where God showed me selling t-shirts at a table with a buddy. I have always been into fashion, but never knew how to create it. I didn't know a name for the company until I heard the Sanctus Real song "Forgiven" on the car radio. I knew than that was the name that God placed in my heart for the business. What risks or hard decisions have you had to make to live unashamed? My hardest decision was to remove myself from the difficult situations I was in with my friends and stop selling drugs. To do this, I started fasting and reading my Bible. To live unashamed, simply put, I had to keep it "real" with customers. Some of them were high; some were slanging and / or were just plain sneaker junkies enslaved to inanimate objects. I also risked my life meeting up with people I never met before who could try robbing me or even stiff me with fake money at all hours of the night. But knowing they needed to hear and know about Jesus drove me to keep pushing. I had to show love to them without making them feel like they were being judged. Slipping a "God Bless You" or getting them to shout me out on IG and FB, with the hope that even if I never saw them again, at least they would find hope through my postings. What does the unashamed life look like in your context? The unashamed life is about telling the world that Jesus is real. Making sure the message of forgiveness is spread by speaking a language they understand. Whether it is by dance, books, sports, or fashion it's using your gift to glorify God. How have you worked through success? Failure? Success and failure work hand in hand. I know that what I do, I do for Him. "I believe I am free from it all. Even if I fall, I fell in the right direction" - Lecrae Have you had any mentors along the way? My Apostle Miguel and Myra Dominguez are my spiritual mentors. They have taught me how to live the Word of God. My Apostle always says, "anyone can preach but not everyone can teach." My business mentors are Ramadon from Elite Clothing and P from Windy City Sole.com. They're my bros that motivate me because they have turned their businesses from nothing to something. Do you have any favorite books? I don't do a lot a reading. But my favorite book in the Bible is Proverbs. What verses or passages in Scripture have sustained or encouraged you? Deuteronomy 6:5 is how I feel about God and Deuteronomy 28 is how God feels about me and my walk. Can you offer some encouragement to other unashamed believers out there? Best advise I give is Forgive and be Forgiven.    Special thanks to the entire Forgiven team (my brothers Angel Chapparo, Paul & Danny Soto), Hector Dominguez, Victor Zavala, Will & Lucy Vale, Jeremy & Ever. Most of all thank you to my Wife Ashly and my Mom. Thank you all for standing my corner, encouraging me, loving me, and putting up with me. I love you all and God bless you.   "Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58

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