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What are we about? Reach Records began in a couple of closets. One served as the headquarters, with a desk and a printer.  The other was the makeshift studio.  Like many startups, passion overrides the lack of experience and drives it forward. We were excited to make a difference, ready to see the world change.  Even then, when concerts might be the 15 students at the local Boys and Girls club, the desire to speak into the heart and soul of the listeners is what fueled the creative and strategic efforts at the label.

A nucleus of college students who ran together in the Dallas, TX area provided the pool for the first artists on Reach.  The work in the studio and on stage was a reflection of the impact and lifestyle they lived everyday.

With literal trunk of the car distribution to start, word spread fast across the country about a group of artists unashamed to be themselves and remain true to their convictions. With a fanatical dedication to artistic excellence, things began to take off.

Fast forward over a decade and now the achievements are larger, the sales are stronger, the mixes sound nicer, but the goal is still the same: To change the way people see the world.  

Rather than find our significance in the status quo, we want to remember that success is not how well we’ve done compared to others, but how well we are doing what we were created to do.  

– B&L