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116 Collections

116 Collections


Our passion for design drove us to consider new ways to broaden our horizon of possibility.  We wanted to understand what the next level in 116 fashions would look like and then deliver that to you. This desire pushed us to think beyond ourselves to do something completely new. Starting now, 116 will come together with a particular brand or designer to design new collections. Each time we will partner to bring you fresh, cohesive collections of apparel and accessories.

Our first collection is a partnership with Marko Purac of Over Clothing. In this collection, you will find new ‘Unashamed’ and ‘116’ crew neck sweaters, t-shirts, socks, towels and totes. 

 Shop the 116 x Marko Purac Collection now



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Is there any way that I could submit a design for the collection?

– Apr 17 2015

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– Nov 23 2015

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